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<p><strong>Product details</strong></p> <p>Brand hynixRam Memory TechnologyDDR3Storage Capacity4 GBStock109100% New chips.high quality guarantee. Tested works perfectly before shipping. Capacity: 4GB Type:DDR3 204Pin Laptop Memory SO-DIMM. Speed: PC3-12800 1600MHz Cache Latency: CL11 Voltage:1.35V. Buffering/ECC: Non-ECC, Unbuffered Lifetime Warranty</p> <p>High Definition Laptop Ram<br /> Maximum Utility<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&am


<p><strong>Product details</strong></p> <p>DDR4-2400 MT/s Speed Speeds at 2400 MT/s, make everything on your computer faster-- load applications faster and run demanding programs without lag. Energy Efficient 1.2V lower voltage modules which can reduce power consumption by up to 40%, increase energy efficiency and extend battery life ensures a green and reliable operation. High Density DDR4 SODIMMs is twice as much memory as you could install in a DDR3 system, hi


<p>Internal Storage Disk Store active archive data Low power consumption Reduced heat generation Memory: 500GB HDD Cache: 8MB</p> <p>Description The Seagate Pipeline 500GB Hard Drive works with PC, Mac, CCTV DVR, NAS, and RAID. The Seagate multipurpose Desktop computer /CCTV DVR Hard Disk &ndash; 500GB is designed for enthusiasts and creative professionals looking for leading-edge performance. This 2.5 inch mobile drives are ideal for high-performance applications like p


<p>Add 1TB of storage to your consumer digital video recorder, media servers and centers, home-theater PCs and servers, and cable, satellite, and IPTV set-top boxes with the 1TB Video 3.5&quot; SATA Internal Hard Drive (OEM) from Seagate. Designed to withstand the stresses placed on it in a 24x7 (8,760 hours per year) operating environment, this 3.5&quot; drive features a 5900 rpm rotational speed and a SATA III 6 Gb/s interface. With support for up to 16 simultaneous HDTV streams


<p>Custom-built for surveillance applications with image Perfect firmware for crisp, clear, 24&times;7 video workloads Maximum 180TB/Year workload rating&mdash;3&times; the workload rating of desktop drives&mdash;for reliable performance in write-intensive surveillance systems Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors help maintain performance in RAID and multi-drive systems (4TB or higher) Up to 10TB of capacity to store up to 10, 000 hours of HD video</p>


<p>Thin client x2 arm dual-core 1.2 ghz cpu rdp 7.0 is a diskless computer. It requires little power to operate and it is economical and cost-effective than the regular personal computers. It is highly recommended for jamb computer based test exam centers (cbt). Cost-effective x2 makes the remote connection to the server by rdp 7.0 protocol,it is free to use the software on the host after connection,such as office software,financial software,erp software,real estate software,airline flight