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<p>Internal Storage Disk Store active archive data Low power consumption Reduced heat generation Memory: 500GB HDD Cache: 8MB</p> <p>Description The Seagate Pipeline 500GB Hard Drive works with PC, Mac, CCTV DVR, NAS, and RAID. The Seagate multipurpose Desktop computer /CCTV DVR Hard Disk &ndash; 500GB is designed for enthusiasts and creative professionals looking for leading-edge performance. This 2.5 inch mobile drives are ideal for high-performance applications like p


<p>Add 1TB of storage to your consumer digital video recorder, media servers and centers, home-theater PCs and servers, and cable, satellite, and IPTV set-top boxes with the 1TB Video 3.5&quot; SATA Internal Hard Drive (OEM) from Seagate. Designed to withstand the stresses placed on it in a 24x7 (8,760 hours per year) operating environment, this 3.5&quot; drive features a 5900 rpm rotational speed and a SATA III 6 Gb/s interface. With support for up to 16 simultaneous HDTV streams


<p>Custom-built for surveillance applications with image Perfect firmware for crisp, clear, 24&times;7 video workloads Maximum 180TB/Year workload rating&mdash;3&times; the workload rating of desktop drives&mdash;for reliable performance in write-intensive surveillance systems Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors help maintain performance in RAID and multi-drive systems (4TB or higher) Up to 10TB of capacity to store up to 10, 000 hours of HD video</p>