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<p>500 GB storage capacity</p> <p>Save feature enables user-generated&nbsp;content to be backed up from your favorite social network</p> <p>Share feature allows multiple files to be uploaded to social networks at once from your computer</p> <p>Install the pre-loaded NTFS driver for Mac and use the drive interchangeably between PC and Mac computers without reformatting</p> <p>Features USB 3.0 for quick data transfer rates; upgr


<p>Transcend 1TB USB External Hard Drive is the perfect storage device for backing up all your files. It features blazing fast transfer rates, huge storage capacity and a unique three-layer shock protection system. Its rugged design yet lightweight nature makes it very easy to carry around. It is compatible with all computers and laptops no matter the operating system they run. Its 1TB capacity affords you the opportunity to backup all your documents and multimedia files from your computer