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<p>This easy-to-use, USB-powered scanner has a new sleek and space-saving design. An integrated stand allows for added flexibility as the scanner can be used flat as well as on its side to help save desk space. With 4800dpi and fast scan speeds, the V19 will produce high-quality results quickly. You can easily store and share your photos online by scanning straight to Facebook and Picasa.</p> <p>The V19&#39;s power and connectivity is handled via a single Micro USB to re


<p><strong>Specifications:</strong><br /> Model: M4<br /> Color: Black Optical&nbsp;Technique&nbsp;Level:V-VI (Aerial&nbsp;Cameras) Code Available: 1D, 2D codes printed on Paper/Film/Screen<br /> Sensor Resolution: 640 * 480<br /> Scanning Speed: 190 times/second<br /> Symbol Contrast: 35% minimum reflection difference<br /> Decode Accuracy: 5mil<br /> Scanning Angle: Horizontal 72&deg;, Vertical 82&deg;<