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<p>This 12V/7AH Replacement Battery is a genuine replaceable battery with latest battery technology. It is ideal for your UPS, rechargeable Fans, Generators and other appliances that requires 12V/7AH rechargeable battery. This User-replaceable batteries - Increases backup performance.</p> <p>Installation type - Push-on Faston connections.</p> <p>NB:Technical skills might be required to change this battery depending on the appliance.</p>


<p>Ensure to charge for about 6 hrs before using it. Do not overload the unit</p> <p>The 1.2KVA Blue Gate UPS has more capacity for longer backup than the 650VA bluegate UPS offers. With the 1.2KVA unit, you can expect over 20 minutes of backup time on normal load. This Bluegate UPS unit will power computers and computer peripherals or domestic equipment such as TVs, Decoders, and domestic electrical appliances.</p> <p>Bluegate UPS has gained a lot of recognit