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<p>The Elepaq SV22000E2 Generator Is a 10KVA generator that will work for your air conditioner&nbsp;one 1.5hp or 2hp, freezer and other home appliances&nbsp;it has two tyers for easy carrying the generator can be started with key or rope the engine is air cooled with a 25 liters fuel tank it is a single&nbsp;face generator this is a generator you can rely on for your constant power supply as elepaq brand have built its reputation as a reliable generator brand in&nbsp;Nigeri


<p>(Senwei ,formerly known as Elepaq). Please do not use on large appliances such as air conditioner , chest freezers, large refrigerators, pumping machines and boilers and pressing irons this generator is for lights, televisions fans and other small home and office appliances&nbsp; please try and off your big appliances before putting ON the generator to avoid damage on the generator as it may affect the coil or the capacitor of the generator&nbsp; Please always check oil level be