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<ul> <li><strong>SOLAR PANEL-SOP-150</strong></li> <li>For direct use or charge up to 15W appliances (Rechargeable Fan, Rechargeable Lamp, Solar Mini Inverter ect)</li> <li>Adapt the severest environment conditions.</li> <li>Waterproof, perfect for off-grid applications.&nbsp;</li> <li>Operating Temperature: 400C to 800C</li> <li>Tampered glass used for increased strength and safety</li> &


<p>Feature:<br /> <br /> -100% and high quality<br /> <br /> -Suitable for 12V application,Camping car, car, ship, automobile motor rechargeable batteries<br /> <br /> -Portable and lightweight, convenient to carry<br /> <br /> -Easy to use<br /> <br /> <strong>Specification:</strong><br /> <br /> Product name: Solar Panel<br /> <br /> Size:435*197mm<br /> <br /> Powe