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<p>Maxtron 2KVA Stabilizer is an Automatic Voltage Regulator with several levels of voltage stabilization which &nbsp;provides a targeted response to under-voltages, over-voltages and severe brown-outs.&nbsp; It corrects brown-outs as low as 100V and over-voltages as high as 270V to a safe 220V output power.</p> <p>It &lsquo;s advanced micro-processor control unit ensures comprehensive protection of connected appliances from high current, low current and short-ci


<h2>Protect your household appliances from short circuits and power surges</h2> <p>It&rsquo;s one thing to purchase a host of household appliances for more comfort and convenience, but ensuring they are protected from unforeseen short circuits and power surges is an investment. Our stabilisers will help keep the voltage current consistent and protect your household appliances against power surges.</p> <ul> <li>Capacity: 1.5 KVA</li> <li&